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Kings Pratishthan

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Kings Pratishthan

Kings Pratishthan is a trust which is registered under The Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 issued Reg.No:F-63359 (M). Kings Pratishthan also have 12A & 80G certificates issued by IT department for accepting donation & issue 80G certificates which is deduction for income tax under IT Act -1961.

It aims that the members & all the general public fraternity should create social, educational & economic prosperity. We also conduct Medical Seminars , Eye checking seminar, Blood donation Camps and needy persons ambulance service are provided. We provide Books also to Poor School Students.

Our Main Objectives

* Child Education
* Poverty alleviation
* Employment Generation
* Rural Development
* Social Awareness
* Education for all
* Women welfare

Being understood that ‘A child is essentially a growing citizen of the Republic and a growing citizen need educational nourishment and guidance if he or she is to develop into a responsible adult being able to contribute his might to the growth of our Republic India’, we work at the grass root level imparting educational skills on cost free basis to the needy poor students.

Also to ensure viable and sustainable income generating economic activities for the downtrodden society, we are running a Tailoring School for the ladies hailing from huts. These course is given completely free of cost to them. Course materials are also provided by us. Efforts will be made to link the trained students with corporate houses and large establishments as service providers.

The result of this pilot project is to encourage, motivate and train young citizens of the socially and economically downtrodden.


A blood donation camp was organized by us on 27 May 2021 . It was held in the Nandikeshwar Mandir Hall. The Chief Guest of the Camp was the Municipal Corporator & Health Committee President. A team of 15 doctors and nurses of K..E.M. Hospital, Mumbai came for collection of blood. About 25 citizens had volunteered for donating blood. There were also very prominent people of the city who were there to donate blood. A Certificate of appreciation, donation card, and refreshment was given to each donor as a token of gratitude.

The Trust has a great drive to increase its services in all the length and breadth. We have solely dedicated our self to serve the society up to sunset our life. We shall do our best to alleviate poverty and ignorance where ever found.

Legal Documents

12A Certificate

80G Order


Registration Certificate

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